Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Muslims Celebrated Eid al-Adha at the Diyanet Center of America

Thousands of Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha and prayed at Diyanet Center of America on August 21, 2018, Tuesday.

The DCA Eid Program started with Qur’an recitations and takbirs. Talib Shareef, Imam of Masjid Muhammad DC, The Nation’s Mosque gave a short sermon after recitations.

Before prayer, John C. Wobensmith Maryland Office of the Secretary of State celebrated the eid of Muslims.

After the prayer with DCA Imam Mehmet Ali Araci, Dr. Ermin Sinanovic from International Institute of Islamic Thought gave a khutbah to the congregation.

Congregation took photos and asked questions to the Mr. John Wobensmith, Secretary of the State and Mr. Serdar Kilic, Turkish Ambassador to the US at Embassy of Turkey, Washington D.C.

We want to thank who joined us on this blessed day.
Eid Mubarak! Bayraminiz Mubarek Olsun! !عيد مبارك

2 thoughts on "Muslims Celebrated Eid al-Adha at the Diyanet Center of America"

  1. Anissa says:

    Most beautiful mosque in USA, surrounded by gift shops, Turkish bath, restaurant, cultural center and many guest houses… Well kept and the stuff are very nice. Overal, the complexe is worth a visit and donations to keep it for our kids. My son simply call it big castle. We had an amazing eid al adha!

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Thank you! JAK! Eid Mubarak!

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