The Diyanet Centre of America’s vision is to create a highly esteemed organization that leads in advocating for the religious, moral, and spiritual values of the Muslim society in America, and to make a contribution to peace and tranquility for all mankind, and to be a prestigious mediator on Islamic issues.


The Diyanet Centre of America’s mission is to enlighten society about religion with factual and updated knowledge based on essential Islamic sources and provide guidance to society about faith, worship, and moral principles and improve relations on the basis of justice,  peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding.

Our core principles

Diyanet Center of America

  1. committed to providing religious services without regard to politics
  2. relies on true knowledge based on the Qur’an and the authentic traditions of the Prophet and takes into consideration various religious interpretations, tendencies and traditions and evaluates them in the light of mainstream understanding and rational approach.
  3. aims to preserve all of the differences in belief and culture in an atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect.
  4. committed to protecting the Muslims’ religious and cultural roots in the face of assimilationist policies.
  5. supports freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
  6. advocates dialogue between faith communities both in America and the world.
  7. seeks the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of other religions based on Islam’s exalted historical tolerance.
  8. condemns all types of violence and terror and considers them to be crimes against humanity regardless of who the perpetuater and victim may be.
  9. supports equal and complementary rights and responsibilities for men and women.