Monday, May 1st, 2017

Health Fair and Spring Festival at DCA

Diyanet Center of America held a health fair and spring festival for refugee families on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. 

The program was prepared by the KAGEM DCA (Women, Family, and Youth Center) with the Bridge-America community, and consisted of different activities. Approximately 50 refugee families, most of them coming from Syria, participated at the event. 

The program included:

*Instructive seminars regarding health services as well as a health fair. 10 volunteer medical staff conducted health scans for the families.

*Collection of clothing, kitchenware, toys, and book donations that were distributed as part of our “Community Closet” program.

*A “Kids’ Activities” entertainment program for children.

*A “Motivational Youth Session” program that taught refugee youth about life and opportunities in the United States, motivation towards success, and Muslim identity preservation. 

*A “Motivation Session” for adults about life and opportunities in the United States.

The seminars were conducted in Arabic so refugees could understand them. Adult seminars were delivered by previous refugees that had settled in the United States.

A Bake Sale was held throughout the day, with food prepared by four Syrian families. Collected funds were spent for the needs of those four families as well as other refugee families.

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