Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Request for Proposals


Cleaning /Housekeeping Services For the various locations in the facility of the Diyanet Center of America, in Lanham, MD.



Diyanet Center of America is seeking a company to provide housekeeping services for the DCA facilities in Lanham MD. The successful company will be responsible for supplying all manpower, materials, equipment, supplies, Pick-Up Truck etc., necessary to successfully execute its obligations.



The information contained in this RFP is confidential and proprietary. This RFP is provided for the exclusive use of the Respondent and copies shall not be made available to any other party, without written consent from DCA. No other distribution of submissions or proposals is to be made by the Respondent.

All proposals and supporting documentation shall become the property of DCA and will not be returned.



Companies/consultants shall submit copies of their proposal(s) by March 15, 2017 by midnight via email. All questions must be received by March 10 and will be responded by March 13, 2017.

Diyanet Center of America. 9704 Good Luck Rd. Lanham, MD 20706,

Any questions regarding this RFP should also be submitted via email to



Award criteria may include, but is not necessarily limited, to Companies:

• Background and experience in performing requested services • Capability to deliver integrated services in and across geographic regions • Availability of resources and how engagement will be sourced

• Best financial value DCA may at its sole discretion decline to make an award or award all or a part of the scope of work to one or more Contractors and is in no way bound to award the work to one Contractor or to the lowest price response.



The term of this contract shall be for a 2-year period, renewable, unless terminated by either party with thirty (30) days written notice. Services are to commence on April 1, 2017



Cleaning of entire facility routinely, floor cleaning and scrubbing with required machines provided, kitchen deep cleaning, interior window cleaning, guest room and house cleaning of 10 homes of interiors including washing drying pressing of sheets and prep of guest rooms (hotel style), trash removal, bathroom cleaning of all buildings multiple times daily. In addition, assistance as requested for other services during normal work hours that may be unrelated to cleaning such as setup of equipment, and other related items. One onsite lead cleaning supervisor to manage day to day cleaning operations with DCA management and other cleaning staff and upper cleaning management.

Upper management services include handling of staffing, hiring, firing, full screening background check of all employees, verification of legal working status of all employees, all insurance and payroll requirements including state and federal unemployment insurance, workmen’s compensation and liability insurance, replacing staff upon leave or absent, resolving conflicts/disputes between employees, ordering most competitive pricing of supplies required, providing professional scheduling management of employees and services as required by DCA Management, point of contact for upper management concerns of staffing and cleaning in addition to DCA monitoring upper management of cleaning company provides recommendations to staff and DCA management as needed.

Scope 1:

Provide staffing for;

1. Cleaning services to perform general cleaning duties for window, bathrooms, floor, carpets and other cleaning duties for various locations throughout the DCA site. The staffing rates will be provided based on the following: Include hours of 7am-10pm or as needed, 7 days a week including holidays, and special events.

Weekly staff consists of 6 full time employees, and 3-part time employees, with a total minimum weekly man hours of 300 man hours a week with supervising and general staff included, 52 weeks a year including all holiday pay. Invoices will be provided by the first of every month and paid within 14 days of receipt.


Companies are to address the following subjects in the responses.

a) Provide an overview of your company

b) Provide all relative certificates and special training documentations covered by this RFP.

c) Does your company have any pending litigation regarding contract disputes? If yes, please provide details of dispute.

d) Indicate by position or title the person who will have the overall responsibility for the DCA account as the lead consultant.

e) Please describe your management structure as it relates to this project including all account support personnel, their functions and responsibilities. Propose invoicing frequency and procedures.

f) Describe your procedure to ensure 24/7/365 communication. I) Indicate if special rates would apply.

j) The successful bidder shall carry and maintain, with respect to any work or service to be performed at DCA facilities, insurance written by a responsible insurance company, to provide for the following:

• Workers’ Compensation as required by applicable statute and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

• Commercial General Liability Insurance

• Automobile Liability.

k) Describe in detail all benefits offered to employees. Include holiday pay, vacations and any other benefits offered. Cite specific plans offered and employee cost sharing arrangements.

l) Provide at least three client references whose facilities are comparable in industry, size and scope to DCA, Include client name, address, and contact person and contact number and email. Please also provide the brief narrative of the services provided


Pricing should be provided as detailed in the Scope of services section of this Request for Proposal.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Dear Diyanet,
    Are you looking for any individuals to help with this task? Thank you.

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Dear Sonia,

      Thanks for reaching us. That proposal process has been over 10 months ago. Thanks!

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