Eid al-Fitr

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Date(s) - 06/15/2018
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Diyanet Center of America
9610 Good Luck Road
United States

Eid al-Fitr Prayer June 15, 2018, Friday, 8:00am

(DCA will perform only one prayer)

Eid Prayer: 8:00am
Breakfast: 8:30am
Activities: 9:00am
Jum’a Prayer: 1:30pm

Apart from DCA Garage, VFW Post and Church across to street will be available for extra parking.

No admission & open to the public PopCorn, Cotton Candy, Face-painting, Ice Con and Pony & Horse Rides activities.

For Weekend Eid Festival visit https://diyanetamerica.org/events/eidfestival

Diyanet Center of America

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If you want to be a sponsor for Eid al-Fitr Day Breakfast & Activities use the form below or please e-mail us; info@diyanetamerica.org

Please support us for free breakfast serving and activities for the community! Donate via the form below. May Allah JJ accept all your contributions!

DCA Ramadan - Eid al-Fitr

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For Eid Festival and Halal&Expo (June 16-17) please e-mail us via media@diyanetamerica.org

12 thoughts on "Eid al-Fitr"

  1. Hamoodi darwish says:

    Alsalamou alikum,

    Since Eid inshallah will fall on a Friday, doesn’t that mean juma prayer is not required?


    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Walikum Assalaam,

      We will pray Jum’a Prayer insaAllah.

  2. Temi says:

    Salam alaekum, Since Eid day is dependent on the sighting of the moon, how does Diyanet already know Eid day will be Friday?

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Walikum Assalaam,

      Moon sighting was approved by astronomers a month ago. Also today UAE Astronomy Center proved again.

      The crescent of the Shawwal moon has been sighted in Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, the International Astronomy Center announced on Thursday, (June 14, 2018).
      This means Eid Al Fitr should begin tomorrow.

  3. anzish says:

    Could you list the “Activities” that will follow?
    What will be there for children, esp those around 4-6 years of age.

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      PopCorn, Cotton Candy, Face-painting, Ice Con and Pony & Horse Rides

      1. A says:

        are these activities on Friday morning 0r Saturday

        1. DiyanetAmerica says:

          Eid Al-Fitr activities on Friday morning. Horse & Pony Rides are only Friday.
          But we have different and more activities on weekend too in Festival.


    Salaam Alaikom. My name is Mohammad Ehsan. I have a car and I mistakenly booked two spaces for my car how can I cancel one? Thank you.

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Walikum Assalaam,

      We refunded your $15

  5. sadaf says:

    salaam, what time is good to reach the center for eid prayer. It is our first time here and just want to have an idea how far is parking from the masjid?
    Also are there any chairs or stools for the elderly?

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:


      Better you come before 7:00am for free parking spaces. Reserved parking areas are fully booked.
      We have some chairs but it might not enough for everybody due to crowd.

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