Eid al-Fitr 2019

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Date(s) - 06/04/2019
7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Diyanet Center of America
9610 Good Luck Road
United States

Eid al-Fitr Prayer: Tuesday, June 4th, 8:00am

(DCA will perform only one prayer)

Why we celebrating Eid al-Fitr on Tuesday, June 4th?

Sermon with Khalil Abdur-Rashid 7:30am
Prayer 8:00am
Khutbah with Khalil Abdur-Rashid 8:10am
Breakfast 8:30am
Activities 9:00am

Eid Parking Options;

1. DCA Underground Parking (Public + Reserved Spots)
9610 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706 Click for Maps

2. VFW Post 8950 (Public) BLUE  0.2 Miles
9800 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706 Click for Maps

3. Jubilee Church (Public) RED  0.1 Miles
9721 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706 Click for Maps

4. Seabrook SDA Church (Public) GREEN  0.4 Miles
Free Shuttle in Every 10 min
8900 Good Luck Rd, Lanham, MD 20706 Click for Maps

We are strongly encouraging carpooling and arrive early. Also please follow the parking rules in the neighborhood, avoid parking in these restricted areas: streets, avenues, etc. 

No admission & open to the public IceCream, PopCorn, Cotton Candy, IceCons, Moon Bounce & other kids activities.
Breakfast will be on sale after the prayer by DCA Cafe.

For Weekend Eid Festival visit https://diyanetamerica.org/events/festival

If you want to be a sponsor for Eid al-Fitr Day Breakfast & Activities please visit https://diyanetamerica.org/donations/ramadan/
May Allah JJ accept all your contributions!


15 thoughts on "Eid al-Fitr 2019"

  1. Ahmed says:

    I don’t mind donations to the mosque, but, I have a hard time paying $20 for a church parking lot!

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Thank you for donating to the DCA. Only DCA Parking Lot on sale. Other church parking lots will be free insha’Allah.

      Renting overflow parking lots from churches is part of DCA Religious Service on Eid’s and for its guests, for all of us.
      If we do not get more parking lot, police officers are towing cars and it costs more than $20 and time to our congregation.

      Thank you for your understanding.

    2. Seb says:

      I do not think you need to pay if you park on Church parking lots. You only pay when you park on reserve spots in DCAs underground parking spaces.
      Could you please confirm?

      1. DiyanetAmerica says:

        Yes, overflow parking lots are free to park. We explained above also.

  2. Mohammad Ariff says:

    How will I know which spot is Reserved for my car

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Our staff will show you, do not worry about it insha’Allah. We will send you all an email including directions.

  3. Guy L Riddick says:

    The month of giving! Ramadan Mubarak!!

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:


  4. Ummi says:

    Is there a special section for handicap parking and does a reservation need to be made for that? Jazakellah khair

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      The DCA Parking Lots have the same amount of handicap parking ratios like other parking lots.
      Handicap parking spots are free/open to park for those in need. But as you may guess, those might be full too depending on the crowd. The safest option is reserving a spot.

  5. Mohammad Ariff says:

    I have just gotten my receipt yesterday for the reserved spot but I still didn’t get my directions yet.

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      We will be sending an e-mail in an hour(s).
      You will just show the image to the officers.

  6. Okan says:

    Its the month of GIVING! What other better way there is than giving to this MOST BEAUTIFUL MOSQUE. Cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Not paid by donations, but Turkish TaxPayer Dollars. Our donations contributes to a tiny portion of operating cost. It’s all of the muslim’s pride, and we should contribute generously to keep it as beautiful as it is.

  7. Oumer Mustefa says:

    Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarekatuh
    Eid Mubarak!!!
    Is there any platform to watch live programs like YouTube? For ex like Eid Salat Program? If not would the center consider to have one for the future?

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:


      Our Channel on Youtube.com/DiyanetCenterofAmerica
      Please subscribe & watch 🙂

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