Ramadan 2020

Assalaam Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, welcome to the
Diyanet Center of America Ramadan 2020 Page.

For any type of questions & inquiries please write to us; media@diyanetamerica.org (We will try to respond in minutes 24/7)


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Daily Online Programs

Khatm-al-Qur’an | 7:00PM

1 Juz of Qur’an Recitation every day at 7:00PM with 5 different Hafiz & Imam at DCA Youtube Channel & DCA Facebook Page

Khatira | 8:00PM

Spiritual Wisdom from Mawlana Rumi with Prof. Dr. Bilal Kuspinar | Everyday Before Iftar at DCA Youtube Channel & DCA Facebook Page

Lecture | 9:00PM

Lecture with Imams & Scholars every day at 9:00PM at DCA Youtube Channel & DCA Facebook Page

Turkish Halaqa | 3:00AM

Hergün saat 3:00AM’de sahur öncesi Türkçe Sohbet DCA Youtube Channel & DCA Facebook Page

Hanımlar için Kur’an Hatim Programı | Khatm-al-Qur’an Only Ladies
Hergün saat 12:00pm’de Zoom üzerinden katılabilirsiniz. Dinlemek icin
Everyday at 12:00pm via Zoom App. Click here for joining

Ramadan Calendar Timetable
Ramazan Imsakiyesi

Qur’an Recitation



Turkish Halaqa