Funeral Home

Diyanet Center of America pays a great deal of attention to honor the life of a loved one and help families in their time of need. In order to fulfill the funeral service according to our religious traditions, the male and female religious ministers who serve at DCA help you at that time.

As a funeral occurs, first an official death certificate is required. Later, an official funeral home should be contacted for removing the deceased’s body from the place of death and transporting to a local facility of funeral home and washing and shrouding of the body by qualified personnel according to religious rules. Meanwhile, the relatives of the funeral determine a cemetery where the funeral will be buried. Through this process, the DCA helps you at praying the funeral prayer and burying the funeral into a grave in order to fulfill our religious traditions.

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Transporting The Body
Preparation (Ghusl)
Washing The Body
Janazah/Funeral Prayer
Transportation Cemetery
Overseas Transportation of Deceased