Monday, April 10th, 2017

DCA Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Diyanet Center of America celebrated the first anniversary of its inauguration on Saturday, April 1, 2017  with Community Appreciation Luncheon.  About 250 people from different nationalities came together to enjoy the spirituality of the center and promote community development.

In his introductory remarks, President Dr. Yasar Colak expressed his special thanks to all who have given so far tremendous moral and financial support to build and open DCA Complex. He also extended his gratitude to those who allocate their time and resources to support the mission of the center. Mr. Colak also added that DCA staff have been working hard enough to build a community and prepare a better future for our young generation and help people understand Islam and Muslims in such a way as not to allow those overshadowing the peaceful messages of Islam. He concluded: “The Heart of our community is the Masjid and Future of our Community is our youth. The more our children are involved at the masjid- from education, to sports and social activities, the more they will feel confident in their Muslim Identity.”

Georgetown Professor Jonathan A. C. Brown, Activist Dr. Rami Nashashibi and Mr. Sami Catovic also joined the program with the inspiring speeches. Attendees had a chance to listen beautiful recitation of the DCA Hifz Students in group and to watch rank ceremony of the DCA Boys Scout.

DCA Board of Directors recognized and honored some distinguished people for their amazing work they have done for the center. The special awards were presented to Architect Kaya Biron, Engineer Erhan Tolu, Teacher Huda Ghadban, Boys Scout Leader David Sheets, Sister Raida AhmadLaura Brown and Salwa Tagouri.

The program in the cultural center ended with a fundraising activity for the playground, soccer field and Montessori school within the complex. Finally all guests went social hall to have a lunch together.

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