Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Community Storytime with Rukhsana Khan

Rukhsana Khan, Pakistani Canadian award winning author, visited the Diyanet Center of America Saturday afternoon. Not just a writer, but truly a storyteller at heart, captivated the DCA audience with her children’s stories enthusiastically narrated. The auditorium was filled with laughter and excitement as children and parents eagerly listened to a number of stories written by the author, as well as the “other” version of the The Big Red Lollipop as experienced by the little sister.

As the author shared her personal journey in the writing process with each book she read to the audience, a new understanding and a deeper appreciation for the stories developed. Author of 12 published books, including Muslim Child, King for a Day, Wanting Mor, and of course The Big Red Lollipop, Rukhsana Khan’s love for storytelling was apparent during KAGEM DCA’s Community Storytime event.

The event ended with book signing and a bake sale for DCA’s Neighborhood Kitchen project. A special thank you to MUSAID for sponsoring this event with KAGEM DCA.

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