Selenium Certificate Course

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Date(s) - 08/24/2019 - 09/21/2019
12:00 am

Diyanet Center of America
9610 Good Luck Road
United States

SELENIUM TEST AUTOMATION (Junior Level Course) (Total 48 Hours) at Diyanet Center of America starting on August 24th, 2019.

  • You can register DCA Selenium Certificate Courses via form below.
  • Online and On-Site options are available. 8-weeks of education with IT Career Center Professionals at the DCA Complex.
  • Trial Course will be on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 including Introduction and Basics of Selenium Test Automation. You can join the trial course for free.
  • Weekly courses and payments are available. One Time Payment is $1,150 for the course.
  • The class will be open when the registrations reached 15 students this semester.

Saturday, August 24th, 2019 – Introduction (1) + Eclipse Set Up (1) + PO1 Browsers (4)  |  TRIAL Course

SELENIUM | Introduction 
1. Selenium Introduction
2. Four Components of Selenium
3. Advantages of Selenium Web Driver
4. Limitations of Selenium
5. Selenium Web Driver language support
6. Selenium WebDriver Browser support
7. Selenium WebDriver Operating Sys support

SELENIUM | Eclipse and Java SDK Setup 
1. Download Install for Eclipse Setup
2. Download Selenium Webdriver
3. Add Selenium Jar Files into Eclipse
4. Download Third-Party Browser Driver e.g(Gecko, Chrome, etc…)

SELENIUM | PO1 Browsers
1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. IE

SELENIUM | PO2 Locating Strategy 
1. Web Element Identification
I. By XPath
What is Absolute / Relative XPath
Syntax for Absolute / Relative XPath
Difference between single ‘/’ or double ‘//’
Example of Absolute / Relative XPath in Selenium
II. By Tag Name
III. By Link Text
IV. By Partial Link Text
2. Login Test
V. By ID
VI. By Name
VII. By CSS Selector
3. Search
VIII. By Class Name

SELENIUM |PO3 Web Elements 
1. Basic Actions
2. Radio Button
3. Links (1-3= 4 Hours)
4. Compare
5. Extract Child Parent
6. Drop Down List
7. Keys Chord (4-7= 4 Hours)

SELENIUM | PO4 WebTable 
1. Web Table App
2. Web Table (Library, not used)

1. Java Script Regular Popup
2. Java Script Confirm Popup
3. JavaScript Popup Boxes
4. Scroll Down & Up
5. Java Script Actions
6. Java Script Page Inner Text

SELENIUM | PO6 Mouse Movement (2 Hours)
1.Mouse Movement
2.Drag And Drop
3.Mouse Right Click
4.Double Click

SELENIUM | PO7 Junit Framework (2 Hours)
SELENIUM | PO8 TestNG Framework (4 Hours)

DCA Selenium Course

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