Awarded Forty Hadith Memorization Competition

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Date(s) - 10/18/2018 - 11/05/2018
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Diyanet Center of America
9610 Good Luck Road
United States

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAW is the best example for those who want to understand and live our beautiful religion Islam correctly. His example is revealed in the Qur’an: ‘Verily, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon you) is a good example for you, those who are hoping for Allah and the Last Day, and for those who make a lot of remembrance of Allah. (Surah Ahzab, 33/21).

The verse advises us to take our Prophet as a guide in our words and actions. In order to follow his example, we need to know his personality, his words, and actions. Every Muslim who wants to experience Islam, the last religion sent by Allah, should recognize and take the example of the Prophet. Because the Prophet is an exemplary figure trained by our Almighty Lord.
As a matter of fact, the Prophet explained this in one of his hadiths: “My Lord trained me, what a nice training he did”. (Ali el-Muttaki, Kenzuimizl Ummal)

We are inviting you to attend “The Awarded Forty Hadith Memorization Competition” to understand his words and life as our life guide, our beautiful Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAW.
Diyanet Center of America

What is the purpose of the competition?
The aim of the competition is to provide the best example of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAW and memorize 40 of his hadith and thus to guide our life journey with his measurements.

– Who can participate in the competition?
Boys and girls who are born between January 1, 2007, and January 1, October 1998, (11-19 years old) can apply.

Competition Calendar
Application Deadline: October 19 to November 5, 2018
19 – 30 November 2018 Reading and Contest Preparation Time (30 days)
Pre-Qualifying Competition: November 17, 2018, Saturday 1.00 pm
Final Competition and Award Ceremony: November 19, 2018, Monday

– What are the Responsibilities of the Competitors?
The applicants will be able to memorize the Arabic and the English meaning of the hadiths on the Hadith chart named as “Forty Hadith”.
Download the Hadiths! English
Hadisleri Indir! Turkce

– How to apply for the competition?
Competitors may apply to the competition from between 19 October and 5 November 2018.

Quiz Location Information
The contestants will participate in the qualifying competition at the Central American Cultural Center of Religious Affairs on November 17, 2018 at 1.00 pm. The winners will be eligible to participate in the final contest on Monday, November 19, 2018 at the Mevlid-i Nebi Special Program.

What are the awards of the competition?
The awards are as follows:
First Prize: 300 USD
Second Prize: 200 USD
Third Prize: 100 USD
Surprise gifts will be given to the participants who memorize all the hadiths.
Surprise gifts will be given to all participants as well.

Sponsorship / Contest Support
-Would you like to support this competition? Awards, competition expenses and such activities to continue increasingly;
-You can donate via our website.
-Share our posters on your social media accounts to announce our contest,
-You can support us by recommending the competition to your friends.

Thank you.

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  1. Darlene Sarah says:

    As salaam Alaikum, I ask Allah to reward everyone involved.

    1. DiyanetAmerica says:

      Walikum Assalaam, JAK!

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