DCA Emergency-Relief Fund

Dear Brothers & Sisters;
Thank you for visiting the Diyanet Center of America Emergency-Relief Fund Page.

The DCA has local (DMV Area) operations, as well as nationwide (USA) operations, such as Education, Services, Accommodation, Restaurant, Venues, Religious Services and Supporting/Giving Zakat to its guests, visitors, congregation and people in need.

During this novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our operations have been significantly impacted as we had to stop almost all of our main activities and services extended to our Dear Brothers & Sisters. This critical and unfortunate situation faced us with another issue: losing our income sources (Donations), giving service capabilities (Zakat) alongside our operations (Rental, Restaurant, School, etc.).

To keep up with our work in necessary fields, such as; Health & Food Services and Zakat, we seek your support now more than ever.

Please use the form below and donate whatever you can, so that we can continue, bi’ithnillah, to help Brothers & Sisters who are in need.

What we are going to do with your donations?
Your donations will be in use for medicine, food, zakat to people in need.

Who will be benefitting?
Our leadership and Imams select the rightful Zakat recipients after a diligent background search. 

What type of Relief Funds are we organizing?
The DCA is co-operating with the Turkish Diyanet Foundation on many worldwide crises, such as Aleppo (2016), Burma/Rohingya (2016-2017), Syria (2016-), New Zealand Shooting (2019), Coronavirus Community Support (2020-2021) and many more.

Diyanet Center of America is also responding very fast when it comes to local issues, such as helping people in need, evicted families, students, scholarships, food relief, Zakat in the Washington DC Metro Area since 2016. We are distributing 100% of the amount you donate to people in need via the DCA Zakat Fund.

You can also donate to Mosque Operations for keeping up this beautiful center which is a gift to our community. Monthly bills of the 16-acres of area, gardens, houses, service buildings and the Mosque are over $40,000.

May Allah SWT accept your donations, multiply your blessings and grant you and your household with the Jannah!  

DCA Emergency-Relief Fund

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