Media/IT Donations

The DCA Media & IT Department is looking for your help!

The Department operating printer machines, computers, electronics, sound systems, hosting machines, photo & camera equipment and many more for serving the DCA and its causes.

Buying and maintaining multiple devices in a huge facility need your big support insha’Allah!

Yearly Hosting Cost: $250
1 Photo & Video Camera (Body Only): $1,799
1 Wide Lens: $300-$700
1 Adobe Business License: $1,548
1 Set Wireless Speaker: $400
100ft Teradek AV Transmitter: $800
2 Smartboard for Classes: $4,000
Yearly Printer Maintaining Fee: $3,000
Cables & Camera Batteries: $$350

You can check our works on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and this website

Thank you for supporting us!
Any questions please feel free to ask

  • You can select one or multiple causes for supporting the department! This department creating visuals, marketing & branding materials, photography, videography, social media promotions, outreach and PR of the Diyanet Center!
  • American Express